Top 10 Things To Do in Istanbul

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What can you do in Istanbul in order to enjoy to the fullest your vacation in this amazing city? If you are asking yourself this question then you are in the right place because in this article we will talk about what this place has to offer. Therefore, reserve a little time and have a look at the above top 10 things to do in Istanbul.

  1. Go Shopping at the Grand Bazaar

You cannot visit this metropolis without shopping at the Grand Bazaar. You will certainly find many interesting things to buy as the place has more than one thousand shops. There are clothes, shoes, electronics, paintings, gadgets, jewelry, house items, and many more.

  1. Enjoy a Bosphorus Cruise

For a more relaxing afternoon, you should try a Bosphorus Cruise. The overview of the city is marvelous, and you will also have the chance to see several mansions galore and old palaces. Depending on what time you have you can opt for one of the three types of cruises, a short one, a long one, or a sunset tour in the summertime.

  1. Visit the Wonderful Museums

Do not go to Istanbul without visiting the wonderful museums that this place has. We recommend the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts and the Archaeology Museum. By visiting them you will learn a lot more about the history of this location. Therefore, do not miss these attractions.

  1. Make Sure You See the Dolmabahce Palace

This is another must-see location in Istanbul. This palace is absolutely fascinating. It is quite massive, with 600 meters in length, 285 rooms, and 43 salons. Dolmabahce Palace has been built by Sultan Abdui Mecit in 1856.

  1. Do Not Forget About the Local Markets

The local markets are exceptional. You can find here fresh produce such as vegetables, fruits, meat, cheese, and more. Even if these places can be quite overwhelming for you at the beginning, you will quickly get used to them and you will also receive a warm welcome from the sellers, as they are very friendly.

  1. Party Until Morning

Istanbul’s nightlife is without a doubt charming. Whether you choose to have a drink at one of the many bars that have live bands, or party the whole night in one of the many nightclubs, we are sure that you will have a fantastic time. We also need to mention that Istanbul has many escorts for all those who want to have fun but do not have a company. By having a look on the internet you will find several escort website where you can choose a sugar baby to your liking. Or you can try read escort reviews before you choose one

  1. Try the Turkish Cuisine

Don’t forget to try the Turkish cuisine. The food is amazing, not to talk about the desserts which are absolutely delicious. No matter what you decide to eat you will absolutely be satisfied as most of the dishes are incredibly tasty.

  1. Meditate at the Suleymaniye Mosque

The Suleymaniye Mosque is the right place to relax and meditate. There are also the tombs of Suleymaniye and Roxalana, and therefore you must not forget to visit them. The whole place is amazing.

  1. Watch the Sunset from Galata Tower

The panoramic view from this tower is splendid. Just make sure you go to this place on a bright day so that you can also spot the Princes’ Islands. Also, go early in the morning to catch the beautiful sunset.

  1. Walk, Walk, Walk

Make sure you are well rested because in order to see all the beauty of this city you will need to walk quite a lot. Leave early in the morning when Istanbul is not as crowded as it is during the day, and also do not forget to stop for a delicious Turkish coffee, which by the way, it is extremely strong.









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