Turkey – One Country, Many Experiences

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If you want to experience wonderful Turkey to the fullest then you definitely need to be very well informed about what are the most beautiful places in this country. Then you will need to organize very well your whole vacation so that you can see as many attractions as you can. We will help you with your choices by showing you in this article what you must not miss.

One thing is sure Turkey has something for every visitor. If you want to relax then you can go to one of the many beautiful beach resorts that this country has. Not only you will be able to relax on the sandy and clean beaches but you will also swim in crystal clear water. Tourists all over the world choose this place for their holiday and they definitely have strong reasons to do so. Serving is impeccable in all the touristic places, not to mention the hospitality of the staff. All of the beach resorts are specially designed so that you can have privacy and plenty of things to do. Most of them also have a swimming pool, gym, spa, free parking, and spacious rooms completely equipped with everything you need for a high comfort.

If you want to do something else, then you can choose to visit Istanbul. One thing is sure you will absolutely fall in love with this metropolis. You will have the opportunity to learn more about Turkey’s lovely culture by visiting the beautiful mosques, palaces, and museums. There is plenty to visit and that’s why you should make a list and organize very well so that you do not miss anything. The city also has plenty of markets, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and nightclubs. The Grand Bazaar is one of the main attractions of this place and a location that you must add on your to-do list.

Other tourists prefer to visit more isolated places yet extremely interesting. They like to explore and that’s why they choose something different. From this point of view, Turkey also has plenty to offer. It has the stunning city Sanliurfa, the powerful fortress Rumkale, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Safranbolu, the ancient city Kayakoy, and the Alahan Monastery. All these locations will offer you the chance to learn more about the past of this amazing country. In case you decide to visit some of them what we recommend you is to rent a car in order to travel comfortably and also not lose precious time on the road.

We will end our article with another excellent recommendation that we really hope you will take into account. Therefore, what we also suggest you do in Turkey is to go for a hot air balloon tour. The views from this balloon are absolutely stunning and breathtaking, and you will not be able to see them from any other location. Just make sure you are not afraid of heights. Choose Cappadocia for this type of tour, as there are the most famous sights of Turkey.

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